My PhotoHi there! I’m Bianca Rei, a singing librarian, a foodie, a traveller,a bookworm, a storyteller, a technopreneur, a web developer, an information specialist, a terror teacher, a photo addict, a sports fan, an arts aficionado, a music geek, a movie buff, a crazy wife (as my husband would call me), and a loving mom.

I have recently become a mom early this year (2016). I put aside my adventurous lifestyle for the mean time to focus on raising a healthy and well-rounded daughter. I used to travel around the Philippines, climbing mountains, trying to learn how to surf, immersing myself in different cultures, and participating in various environmental projects. To prepare and strengthen myself for outdoor adventures, I started to train in boxing, an activity I enjoyed and did regularly in the past.

But I don’t always seek adventure outdoors. I get to be adventurous inside classrooms, too. I was a librarian, and a teacher. I taught IT, Math, and Literature to Grade School and High School. Inside the four walls of a classroom, I get to encounter different personalities, behaviours, and at different ages. It developed my patience and self-confidence. I started to become more outspoken and amiable, when I was more quiet and would always keep to myself before working as a teacher.

When I got married and had a baby, I decided to quit my work at school so I could focus on taking care of the family. Now, we have moved from the tropical islands of the Philippines to the winter wonder land of Serbia.

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