Bianca Rei

Bianca Rei at 6 months pregnant. Golubac Fortress
Bianca Rei at 6 months pregnant. Golubac Fortress

Hey there! I'm Bianca Rei.

When I was young, I would keep a diary so I won’t forget all the significant experience I had each day in the hopes that my future self would learn from the past. But when I started reading blogs and other people’s experience, I found out that I wasn’t the only one going through this kind of life. So, I decided to share what I’ve learned through life in the hopes that people get to learn from my experience or at least feel that they are not alone.

The response I got from some of my posts was overwhelming that I decided to learn a bit more so I could share more. Helping people get answers is addicting! I had so much fun answering questions that I enrolled in extra courses, workshops, and researched a bit more to be able to give a bit more.

In this site, you’ll find stories about my experience as a mom, a wife, an entrepreneur, an immigrant, etc.; and answers to basically any question I have encountered and I want answered along the way.

Have fun reading!

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So, you’ve probably searched my whole site, read the blogs, and still can’t find the answer. If you want to discuss further than what I can answer in the email or in my blog posts, then schedule a call with me!

This is a paid service though and while I’d like to think I know everything, but I can only help you with any of the 3 topics below. Each call session is 1hr (60 minutes) and is done via video conferencing using Zoom (because I’d like to see who I am discussing with). Each session is charged 30eur.

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This is actually the main reason why I kept my blog — to help struggling first time breastfeeding moms like me. Well, it’s not my first time anymore. To help myself, I bought and read books and scholarly articles, followed lactation experts, attended seminars, finished courses, and joined the International Lactation Consultant Association so I can have access to more resources and continue updating my knowledge on this area.  

If you have more questions, need in depth discussions specific to your situation, or just need assurance and support, then schedule a call.

Remote Working

I’ve been working remotely since 2015. I’ve been a virtual assistant, a social media marketing manager, web developer, and a customer support. I’ve work in various industries and worked with clients from different parts of the world while staying at the comfort of my home.

Let me guide you in writing a CV/resume, application letters, and proposals; teach you how to nail interviews (even if it’s your first time); show you where to find remote work; and assess what skills you need to improve on to be able to land a good remote job. 

Moving to Serbia

It started with this post. Since then, I can’t count how many Filipinos I have helped come to Serbia. While I am no lawyer, I did everything all by myself.

Please note that I will not process your visa. I will only give you step-by-step advice on how to get a visa, what to write in your application and invitation letters, where to get what you need, and what you need to prepare to get a higher chance of getting a visa and not get offloaded.

Also note that I only have experience with Filipinos who are married or are getting married to a Serbian.  

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All information provided on this website is free. I am always glad to be of any help to you. But the cost of maintaining a website is not cheap. So I humbly request, if any of the information I posted here was of any help to you, that you donate to help me maintain this website. Any amount would go a long way and will be very much appreciated.
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