Bianca Rei

Bianca Rei at 6 months pregnant. Golubac Fortress
Bianca Rei at 6 months pregnant. Golubac Fortress

Hey there! I'm Bianca Rei.

When I was young, I would keep a diary so I won’t forget all the significant experience I had each day in the hopes that my future self would learn from the past. But when I started reading blogs and other people’s experience, I found out that I wasn’t the only one going through this kind of life. So, I decided to share what I’ve learned through life in the hopes that people get to learn from my experience or at least feel that they are not alone.

The response I got from some of my posts was overwhelming that I decided to learn a bit more so I could share more. Helping people get answers is addicting! I had so much fun answering questions that I enrolled in extra courses, workshops, and researched a bit more to be able to give a bit more.

In this site, you’ll find stories about my experience as a mom, a wife, an entrepreneur, an immigrant, etc.; and answers to basically any question I have encountered and I want answered along the way.

Have fun reading!

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Do you need more help? Schedule a Call!

So, you’ve probably searched my whole site, read the blogs, and still can’t find the answer. If you want to discuss further than what I can answer in the email or in my blog posts, then schedule a call with me!

This is a paid service though and while I’d like to think I know everything, but I can only help you with any of the 3 topics below. Each call session is 1hr (60 minutes) and is done via video conferencing using Zoom (because I’d like to see who I am discussing with). Each session is charged 30eur.


All information provided on this website is free. I am always glad to be of any help to you. But the cost of maintaining a website is not cheap. So I humbly request, if any of the information I posted here was of any help to you, that you donate to help me maintain this website. Any amount would go a long way and will be very much appreciated.
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