Bianca Rei

Hey Friends!

We can’t have a Christmas Party this year. But we can still celebrate virtually. Who is with me? 💃
I’m hosting a Virtual Christmas Bingo! 🎄
Everything is online. You only need your device (mobile phone 📲/ laptop 💻) and an internet connection.
No special software needed.
Entry is just 250 RSD. This fee gives you:
1. One unique virtual bingo card that is valid for four games
(Only one bingo card per device.)
2. 50% Discount Coupon at


Game 1 Single Line: 1,000 RSD
Game 2 Cross: 2,000 RSD
Game 3 Square: 3,000 RSD
Game 4 Blackout: 5,000 RSD
Game?? Register below!
Note: Please check your email after registration for payment instructions.


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