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Make brushing more fun!

“Brush a tooth, brush a tooth Toothbrush man Clean up my teeth as fast as you can Brush them and floss them and make my smile shine and teach me how to brush the teeth that are so fine” This is what we sing before we start brushing. So, whenever we start singing that song

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Mommy Myth #3: You can’t breastfeed when you are sick

Have you ever been forbidden to breastfeed when you got sick? Me, too. Well-meaning relatives would tell us to get as far away from the baby as possible when we get sick so we don’t transfer what we have to our baby. The thing is… IT IS A MYTH! It is actually more important that you

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Going to Serbia

I wrote a more detailed guide to getting a Serbian visa. Click here if you want to skip the story below. I am married to a Serbian and I now live with him and our daughter in Serbia. But before this, I had to go through hoops and loops before getting a visa to Serbia. I

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