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Mommy Myth #1: Left Breast is Food, Right Breast is Drink

Well-meaning relatives would probably advise us to offer both breasts in one feeding because your left breast is your baby’s food and your right is your baby’s drink.   There’s actually a variation of this. Some say that one breast is rice and the other is “ulam” (any food that you can pair with rice). It won’t be a complete

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Anawangin, Zambales

People I know have this habit of canceling at the last minute when plans have already been laid out. It really is very frustrating when you get excited then suddenly someone cancels, and the trip’s off. I remember, back when I was in Ilocos, a friend of Babes shared to us that sometimes when he

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Sagada, Mountain Province

This trip was decided in the Faculty lounge back in Summer 2014, while teachers were all busy checking papers and giving grades. We were all stressed out that we wanted to just find a way to get away from it all. One of my co-teachers found a travel promo from a group buying website, CashCashPinoy.

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Ilocos Norte

This was the second part of our Ilocandia Escapade back in 2014. On our second day in Vigan, we decided to pack up at 6:00 am to start the day early. We didn’t want to waste time because there are so many places that we wanted to explore. We checked out at around 7:00 am,

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