Bianca Rei


Baguio City

This is the second trip out of twelve trips I made when I was trying to find myself in 2014. This was when I learned to impose travel rules upon my very impulsive self. My first travel rule: “Never EVER do it to woo someone (especially if you know deep in your heart, that the

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Mt. Makiling, Los Baños, Laguna

I’ll never get tired of saying it again and again: School Field Trips is more fun in HEDCen! I’ve never joined anything as fun and educational as this back when I was in grade and high school. I’m just glad that I get to experience this while I work there. Last January 2014, I was

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Road to Recovery

The years before 2014 I was making bad choices and decisions. I don’t wanna blame it to having my heart broken so many times and into so many pieces because it actually made me stronger and hopefully wiser than I was before. It was probably because I don’t know who I was. I didn’t exactly

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My Teaching Philosopy

According to Anatoly France, “The whole art of teaching is the only art of awakening the natural curiosity.” Curiosity also brought ideas to Albert Einstein. So, I made it my goal to ignite my students’ curiosity and keep it burning. I often draw from their own experiences to keep them interested, and usually, excited. I

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