Bianca Rei


My personal stories as a mom, a wife, and as an individual


Rainbow after the Rain

Rainbows really do come after the rain. I had polycystic ovaries and was told that I’ll have a hard time getting pregnant again. Well, I did… and lost it. After changes to my lifestyle, we tried again and had our rainbow baby. Here’s my story

Going to Serbia

I wrote a more detailed guide to getting a Serbian visa. Click here if you want to skip the story below. I am married to a Serbian and I now live with him and our daughter in Serbia. But before this, I had to go through hoops and loops before getting a visa to Serbia. I …

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Road to Recovery

The years before 2014 I was making bad choices and decisions. I don’t wanna blame it to having my heart broken so many times and into so many pieces because it actually made me stronger and hopefully wiser than I was before. It was probably because I don’t know who I was. I didn’t exactly …

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