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Mommy Myth #5: You can’t have hair treatments when you are breastfeeding

A lot of moms have waited so long to know when is the right time to get a hair treatment.

Some say they can’t because they are breastfeeding. Some say they are not allowed to because they might get *binat.

*Binat is a Filipino term for getting sick again after having just recovered.

Motherhood is quite a stressful job. But, no one wants to look stressed right? So here’s good news for you:

You can get a hair treatment after giving birth

You can have your hair colored, curled (permed), straightened, bleached, etc.

It is highly unlikely that a significant amount of the chemicals used would enter the breastmilk because very little enters the mother’s bloodstream. Chemicals in hair care products will be absorbed through the skin, but not a lot. If her scalp is healthy and intact, much less will be absorbed than if the skin on her scalp is scratched or abraded.

You can’t get *binat from it. I have already written in my previous blog that binat has no scientific nor medical basis. You get sick because there are infections from viruses, bacteria, etc. that your immune system can’t handle or is having a hard time handling.

What is not safe?

You might want to avoid Keratin and Brazilian Blowout Treatments for now. These two treatments contain formaldehyde—a chemical used in low levels in household cleaners, hand soaps, glue, synthetic fabrics, and yes, in preserving corpses, too. Formaldehyde is released during the final stage of the process. Once a keratin-based complex is applied, the stylist flatirons the hair, “freezing” the new texture into place. When that happens, the heat from the iron sends fumes into the air. Higher concentrations formaldehyde can cause respiratory problems, skin allergies and irritation, and sometimes even cancer. These are too strong that it can go to your bloodstream and the smell can stay on your hair which can be inhaled by your baby when you stay close to them.

How to take care of your hair

Some moms wait until their postpartum hair loss stops before treatment, so chemicals won’t aggravate the hair loss. Don’t worry hair loss after birth is normal. It does not have anything to do with breastfeeding. It has something to do with falling estrogen levels. You don’t have to do anything about it, as it will stop on its own in around a year after your baby was born.

But, I’ll share with you some tips on how to minimize hair fall. See below:

  1. Cut your hair short. The heavier the hair, the more prone to falling. Your scalp is already weak, so it can’t hold on to your hair hard. Help it out by making your hair lighter.
  2. Avoid conditioners… or use one that is formulated for fine hair. I know they make our hair shiny, silky, and smooth But conditioners stick to the strands of our hair which makes it heavier. The goal is to keep our hairs as light as possible so our scalp can hold on to them.
  3. Use a volumizing shampoo. They contain proteins that coats and protects your hair which makes it appear fuller but not heavy.

There you go. We all deserve to pamper ourselves. Nothing should stop you from doing it.


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