From Our Garden to Our Kitchen...

Let me bring to you the taste of my home country, the Philippines. 

I have grown most of the ingredients organically from my garden here in Serbia and have prepared our products with love and care from our kitchen.

Hope you like them!


Bianca Rei


Spiced Oil - 600 rsd
Spiced Vinegar - 600 rsd
Spiced Sauce - 600 rsd


Spiced Vinegar

Sinamak is a spiced vinegar that originated from Iloilo, Philippines. It is best paired with grilled and fried meat and veggies, or used as a marinade before frying or cooking.

Spiced Oil

This chili-infused oil is used in the Philippines to complement many of our dishes. It is best added to dim sum, noodles, and of course, to an Asian staple - rice!

Spiced Sauce

This chili-garlic sauce will add an extra kick in your food. It is best used as a dip for fried meat and crackers.

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