Loyalty Rewards Program

2017 was a great year. I have been very busy at work and projects. And being busy is a good thing. Why? That means there is something to do and something to earn you a living.

Despite not being able to publish a lot of new articles that would help you in your mommy (and breastfeeding) journey, you have continually supported me. Because of that, I want to give back. I want to reward your loyalty!

Loyalty Rewards Program

This year, I am launching a rewards program for all my loyal followers. As you will notice, I would constantly promote products and services on my website and social media pages. I am affiliated with a few merchants and websites, so I earn when you buy from the links I provide. Buying from my links won’t cost you extra, and this time it will earn you rewards!

All you have to do is sign up for the program and you can start earning!

How to Earn Rewards?

For every ₱200 you spend on the products and services you buy, you get ₱1 reward. You may redeem your rewards once you reach ₱500 in cash. You also get ₱1 for every person you refer to this program on their first purchase. Easy, right?

Where to earn?

You may earn if you buy from the following links:

If you refer clients to Rodi Digital Solutions, you earn 5% of their monthly subscription on any service they buy. A Basic Website Package is ₱20,000. That’s an easy ₱1,000 rewards for you.

I’ll add more ways to earn as I finalize all partnerships this year. Make sure you register first before shopping so we can compute and credit the rewards to you.

Other Benefits

Loyal members get exclusive invites and discounts on event, seminars, and workshops that I will launch this year.

If you have any question and clarification, just email us at rewards@biancarei.net.

What are you waiting for? Sign up now!


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