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The Many Uses of a Lampin

Like many new moms, I’m obsessed with buying almost anything that I think my baby would need.

When I was pregnant, I would get all available baby “must-have” list so I know whether I bought everything already before my baby arrives. All I wanted was to be ready. Little did I know that a lot of the things I bought won’t be used.

What I used instead? The all-around “Lampin” (Lampin is the Tagalog word for white gauze or birdseye white cloth that is commonly used as a diaper.) Good thing I bought a dozen of these.

Enfant Gauze Diaper

Here’s what I used Lampin for:

  • Diaper

My sisters and I were using “katya” (a cloth flour sack) when we were babies. You can just ask for them from bakeries back in the day. Nowadays, millennials have the term cloth diapering where you use a cover and inserts. I joined the bandwagon and both covers and a few inserts, too. Which are pretty expensive, by the way. Guess what? I don’t know why but I didn’t use the inserts, I used lampin instead. And when I got too lazy washing, I resorted back to disposable diapers.

  • Nursing Cover

I breastfeed, so I’m lucky enough to travel with my baby without carrying a heavy bag containing bottles, milk powder, and so much more. I usually just wear a shirt and tube underneath, so whenever l feed I’m not exposing too much skin. However, when I need to pull down the front of my shirt, I also pull the lampin out of my bag to cover the exposed part of my breast.

  • Swaddle

When I was about to give birth, we only packed 2 swaddles thinking it would be enough, because I thought I’d only stay two days. You know, one as soon as she comes out and one to change to before we go home. But she pooped a lot that it came out of her diaper and stained the swaddle, so we used the other one and pooped on it, too. Good thing, we brought a lot of lampin to swaddle her in. I like that it wasn’t too thick, so she won’t sweat too much (it’s quite hot in the Philippines), but provided enough restraint (babies like the tight feeling of being in the womb and swaddling gives them that feeling) so she won’t move too much.

Enfant Birdseye Diaper
  • Blanket

When my baby grew, I used the lampin as her blanket to cover her legs whenever she sleeps outside. It was big enough to cover my arms, too, when it got too cold in the airplane.

  • Burp Cloth

Spit ups are normal for babies as their digestive organs are not fully developed yet. Burping the baby lessens the spit ups but does not prevent it. So, before you burp the baby make sure you put a lampin over your shoulder first before letting your baby rest his/her head on them.

My kid makes so much mess whenever she eats. She had a lot of bibs, but I like it when I use the lampin to cover her front. You can just fold your lampin diagonally to make a triangle and tie the ends on your kid’s back. It will cover most of the shoulders and tummy if your kid is as small as mine. 😀

  • Towel

Have you ever gone to a swimming party and found that you forgot to bring a towel? I have! Good thing I always have a lampin in my bag. The birdseye lampin I have is super absorbent and it can cover my kid like how I cover myself after a shower.

  • Bandana / Turban / Headband

Do you know those cute baby turbans? I didn’t buy one. I used lampin to make one, which I can make to fit both my and my kid’s head.

  • Changing mat

In Serbian pediatric clinics, it’s kind of mandatory that you bring your own mat before you put your baby down on the bed for a check-up. I use my lampin because it’s wide enough to cover the whole space that my baby needs to occupy. I use it, too, whenever I need to change my kid’s diaper outside our house.

There are so much more you can do with a lampin. If I knew I’d be using lampin so much, I would have bought a lot more and not buy so many other things So, buy yours now. It will save you big time!

How about you, do you know any other use for lampin? Share in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “The Many Uses of a Lampin”

  1. Angela Clare Tan

    Hi! You could also use a lampin as a “tapis”, which is a cloth placed on the back to absorb sweat. You could also use it as a kind of a “teddy bear”. When I was a child, I like to hug lampins when I sleep.

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