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Going to Serbia

I wrote a more detailed guide to getting a Serbian visa. Click here if you want to skip the story below.

I am married to a Serbian and I now live with him and our daughter in Serbia. But before this, I had to go through hoops and loops before getting a visa to Serbia. I was denied a tourist visa three times before we decided that he come to the Philippines, live with me, marry me, and then try our luck again.

Back in 2015, I already had my life planned. I wanted to leave my teaching job in the Philippines and try my luck in the UAE. So, I applied to work in several schools, found luck and was hired by a school in Ajman. I already got my work visa, when I met the love of my life. We decided to meet in the Philippines three months before I’m scheduled to fly to Dubai. It was two lovely weeks of bliss… which resulted in a baby. haha!

I didn’t want to lose my newfound job before I even start to work, but I didn’t want to lose my baby. I’ve always prayed that I’d be given one before I’m thirty anyway. Actually, I prayed for both. And both were given to me. I know how strict it is in the UAE, so I didn’t want to go there as an unmarried pregnant woman. It was like the Higher Power is making me choose. But I didn’t want to let go of either.

First Try

I know how hard it is for a citizen of a third world country, like the Philippines, to acquire a visa to anywhere. People have a tendency to assume that we’re just trying to run off to some first world country to escape our plight in the Philippines. But I was confident. Why?

I was employed when I decided to apply. I had savings enough to last me a year. And I have a job waiting for me in another country (with a contract and visa to prove it). Also, I knew that there are not a lot of jobs in Serbia (even for its own people). So, it’s not like I’m going to do some hiding there. The plan was to go there, marry my boyfriend (so I don’t get jailed in UAE for being an unmarried mom), then fly to Dubai.

I had everything, including the invitation letter from my then-boyfriend. Instead of a booked ticket back to the Philippines, I showed a ticket reservation going to the UAE, including my work visa. I acquired a bank certificate as proof of funds. We paid the visa fee (61EUR+2EUR for sticker+30EUR for returning of documents).

We didn’t mention anything about getting married. It was just purely for tourism purposes.

I emailed my application to the Serbian Embassy in Jakarta (we don’t have a Serbian Embassy in the Philippines) and waited for the result. After 15 days, they emailed and told me that my application was rejected. This was in July. I was supposed to report for work on the first week of September in the UAE. I was already getting nervous.

Second Try

We could not figure out why I was rejected. I asked how his interview went (When you apply for a Serbian visa, you don’t get interviewed but the person who invited you), and he said it went fine. He tried to go to different offices to inquire if we missed a step, what we could do, etc. But no one would give him an answer to why I was rejected.

Though we were getting frustrated, we tried again. This time, we mentioned that I was pregnant and that we were planning to get married before I travel to the UAE. We passed the same things, including a copy of my doctor’s note (proof of pregnancy), paid again, go through another interview session, and waited… 15 days after, rejected again.

I was getting closer and closer to my report date. It was already in the middle of August, so if we try again, it might be too late. We won’t have time to arrange for a wedding then immediately leave for UAE. So, I had to inform my employers that I couldn’t make it. I actually did inform them as soon as I found out that I was pregnant and they were nice enough to offer to change my contract to provide a higher salary but suggested that I get married because they can’t be above the law (I might be jailed and/whipped for being an unmarried mother)…

I really had to make a choice… and I said goodbye to the UAE employment.

Third Try

We thought that there could be something about his background (maybe they think his salary can’t support me?) that is a ground for rejection. So, we tried again. This time it was his parents who invited me. They were the ones who went for an interview… and I still got rejected.

I actually had abandoned the plans of going to Serbia and was getting depressed (pregnancy hormones!). I was unemployed and no employment waiting for me. Fortunately, I found a rewarding career online. (One door closes, a better door opens!)

He decided to come to the Philippines, marry me, and live there until I give birth to our baby.

Last Try

After living in the Philippines for some time, we processed our papers. We got our marriage certificate and baby’s birth certificate, had it authenticated at the Department of Foreign Affairs in Manila, and by the Embassy of Serbia in Jakarta, then tried to apply again. I didn’t even have to buy travel insurance, nor present any proof of financial capacity. It was approved instantly! (PLEASE NOTE that we may not have the same experience.)

A few months after moving to Serbia, we invited my mom to visit us and followed the steps outlined on the website: Invitation letter, bank certificates, travel insurance, etc. and she did get approved. I’m still not sure how they decide on who to approve or not. Haha!

You may also view a detailed instruction on how to get a Visa C here.

140 thoughts on “Going to Serbia”

  1. Hi Bianca! Thank you for your information last time I asked. I have another question, naka appostile na ang CENOMAR and BIRTHCERT ko from our DFA in Philippines at napa translate nrin namin dito. Andito na ako sa Serbia right now and we are planning to get married next month. Ang question ko po is, Where did you certified your documents galing Pinas dito sa Serbia? Sa ministry po ba nila sa Belgrade? For short po, ano po ba ang next step after napatranslate na namin ang papers ko from Philippines before getting married?

    1. Hi Charm, pwede magtanong kung nakapagpakasal na ba kayo ng fiancé mo? Please i have the same questions kasi na authenticate na yung birth certificate ko and yung cenomar ko but hindi ko alam next step… please help

        1. Good day Ma’am Bianca!
          Me and my Serbian Fiancé are planning to get married next year here in the Philippines but we are confused regarding where to get to legal capacity to marry or no impediment to marry. I also tried to join filipino expats serbia page but still pending so i can ask questions in the future. Thank you so much.

  2. Hi Bianca! Thank you for your information last time I asked. I have another question, naka appostile na ang CENOMAR and BIRTHCERT ko from our DFA in Philippines at napa translate nrin namin dito. Andito na ako sa Serbia right now and we are planning to get married next month. Ang question ko po is, Where did you certified your documents galing Pinas dito sa Serbia? Sa ministry po ba nila sa Belgrade? For short po, ano po ba ang next step after napatranslate na namin ang papers ko from Philippines before getting married?

  3. Michelle Villegas

    Hi Ms Bianca, I would kondly ask if ina acknowledge ba ng serbian government and churchwedding satin sa pinas? Magpapakasal kasi kami ng fiance ko next year february sa pinas pero church wedding, marerecognize ba ng government nila? May nakapagsabi kasi sakin n civil marriage lng amg tinatanggap nila. At isa pa po, hindi kasi niya maintindihan kung saan siya kukuha ng legal capacity niya, nirerequire kasi siya ng law natin ng ganun, panu po ba ang steps? And after ng marriage sa pinas ano po ang steps pra iregister ung kasal nmin sa pinas sa serbia. Thank you po

    1. @Michelle, sa Serbian Embassy po kinukuha ang Legal Capacity Certificate tapos ipapasa mo sa Local Civil Registry ng munisipyo kung saan ka nakatira para makuha yung Marriage License. Tapos pagnakuha mo na ang marriage license, pwede na kayo ikasal kahit saang lugar. Sa Obando po every Friday ang kasalan kaya if mabilisan lang ang pagvisit dito ng fianceé mo ay pwede kayo ikasal dun basta may marriage license na kayo. Doon kami kinasal ng Korean husband ko and ang pagProcess ng marriage license ay more than 3 weeks sa Quezon City dahil taga doon ako that time.

  4. Thank you po for that info. You think pwede niya gamitin card niya from Serbia to do that transaction? Kasi andun po siya ngayon and he don’t have any bank account here in Philippines. And I don’t think so opening a dollar account in BDO is my best option right now. Since mag aantay pa ako.

    1. I just mentioned in my previous reply that my husband also paid using his Serbian bank account the other time I applied for visa. If he has a debit/credit card in Serbia, I assume he also has a bank account in Serbia that’s connected to that card. If so, then he can go to his bank and pay your visa fee for you.

      When I said “bank here” in my previous reply, that means bank here in Serbia, because I am in Serbia.

  5. Hi Ms. Bianca! I’m engaged to a Serbian guy right now po. I’ve been there already once and I was in USA when I applied for my Visa that time. But now I’m here in Philippines. I just want to ask pano niyo po deneposit ang payment para sa embassy? Yung $32 Euro? Anong paraan po ginamit niyo?

    1. BDO wire/telegraphic transfer. You need to have a dollar account with them to be allowed to do this. The other time, I asked my husband to pay it in Serbia using his bank here (wire transfer din)

  6. Hello Ms. Bianca!! Any recommendation po ng good Serbian lawyer po. Bali Russian po husband ko tas mag. Apply siya diyan for temporary residency tapos pepetition po niya kami with my daughter. At bili din po kami ng apartment diyan. Pano Kaya Yun. Thank you 🙂

    1. Hi Janice,
      I don’t know any Serbian lawyer eh. I suggest he join the Belgrade Foreign Visitors Club Facebook group. That’s a group for all foreigners in Belgrade. That’s where foreigners discuss matters on Visa, business, property buying/selling/leasing, etc.

      Does he have a business/work/property in Serbia? If he has, he can apply for a temporary residence visa. There’s no such thing as “petition”.. But if he already is a resident, he can “invite” you and you and child apply for Visa D the regular way. All he can do is send you an invitation letter (posivno pismo). 🙂

  7. Hi ma’am bianca. Ask ko lang po sana kasi gusto ng bf ko pakasal kami sa serbia. Ask ko po sana if ano mga requirements mo need ko present sa serbia para makasal kami don.!? Need ko rin po ba ma’am mag dala ng legal capacity galing dito sa pinas at saan po pde kumuha ng legal capacity dito sa pinas po?please lang po I really need your advise thank you so much. GOD BLESS.💕

      1. Ma’am no need na po ba ang citizenship and legal capacity galing dito sa pinas ma’am? please lang po thanks.

        1. DI po nagrerelease ang Pilipinas ng Certificate of Citizenship at Legal Capacity. Kung ano lang po yung sinabi ko, yun lang po ang requirement.

          Your passport and birth certificate is your proof na citizen ka ng Pinas. Yung CENOMAR mo ang proof mo na single ka.

          1. Hello Bianca, ask ko lang po sana gano katagal nakapag stay yung hubby mo sa pinas and anong visa po kinuha nya?

          2. First stay – from Oct 2015 to July 2016. Puro tourist visa extensions lang.
            Second stay – Sep 2017 to Aug 2018. Entered on a tourist visa then applied for a 13a visa (Residence visa by marriage)

          3. Hello Ms. Bianca!

            I got confused lang po from the recent conversations. Me and my Serbian fiance are currently working in UAE. We are planning to get married in Serbia before end of this year. What are the requirements I need aside from the DFA Authenticated Birth Certificate and CENOMAR? As I have heard, I (myself) require the Certificate of Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage to be processed in Philippine Embassy in Budapest, Hungary.

            Thank you very much!

          4. Hi Aan,

            I’m not sure where you heard that but you only need your Birth cert and cenomar (both should be Apostillized by DFA. Authentication/Red Ribbon is not being done anymore) to get married here. Legal Capacity is a requirement for foreign partners if they plan to get married in the Philippines.

          5. Dear Ms. Bianca,

            How to get Apostillized by DFA? Is it different from DFA Authentication / Red Ribbon?

          6. Yep. different. If you only got red ribbon, kailangan mo pa to go to a Serbian Embassy (there is one in Abu Dhabi) to legalize the papers para matanggap sya for use in Serbia..

            An apostille stamp is recognized in all countries na party in Apostille convention (Serbia and Philippines are signatories). So kung may apostille na yang documents mo, di mo na kailangan dumaan sa Serbian embassy to get their legalization stamp.

            make sure pala less than 6 months old ang papers mo when you apply for marriage license here.

            more info here:

          7. Dear Ms. Bianca,

            Correct me if i am wrong, so instead of requesting for red ribbon, i will ask Apostille?

            Currently, i requested Birth Certificate and CENOMAR online.

            Thank you very much for the information. My fiance’s parents previously checked po kasi the requirements and process in Serbia and wrong information or na-misunderstood po siguro.

          8. DFA don’t offer red ribbon na anyway.. So yes, you will request for Apostille.

            There are a lot of Pinays na who got married in Serbia. You can ask them sa Filipino Expats in Serbia group in FB. Join and I’ll approve your membership. 😉

  8. Hi Bianca,

    I have read all the comments referring Wendy’s issue which is related to mine. I am currently in Oman and we are going to Serbia on July 14; we are also planning to finalize our wedding during that period. I already had my Cenomar, Birth Certificate and Annulment papers red ribbon form PSA/Authenticated.

    In Oman there is no Embassy of Serbia. I processed my visa in Abu Dhabi Embassy; However my personal documents I did not send for legalization in Serbian Embassy in Abu Dhabi.

    1. There’s a new DFA process na actually. If you had your papers apostillized, no need na for legalization from Serbian Embassy. But if it’s authenticated (red ribboned). you’ll need to have it legalized sa nearest serbian embassy for your papers to be valid for use in a different country.

  9. Hi Miss Bianca,

    I have a boyfriend in Serbia. He wants to visit me here in the philippines. Nabasa ko na po yung mga instructions and requirements papuntang serbia. Ask ko lng po if u also have instructions and requirements for serbian people wants to visit here in Manila? Anu pong dapat gawin at kailangang requirements ng boyfriend ko po papunta dito. Thankyou po sa response. 🙂

    1. Hi Sha..
      My 2 year Serbian bf will visit me soon too here in Manila.. on October..and he’ll stay for a month.

      Glad how this blog of Ms.B helps tremendously other Filipinas.. Nice to know you have same situation as I do.. can we be friends ? 🙂 Would love to keep in touch with someone who’s also dating a Serbian guy.. xoxo Jhoanna

    2. Hallo Sha and Jhoana!

      We have a group on Facebook. It’s composed of Filipinos in Serbia (most are married to Serbs) so you can post questions there and a lot of our kababayans will answer. 😉

      Search for a group named, Filipino Expats in Serbia 🙂

      1. Hi Jhoana and Miss Bianca,

        Thankyou for sharing. Ask ko lng po Nagpadala ba kayo ng invitation letter sa boyfriend or husband nio? My example format po kau? Mas mapapamahal ata pag ngbook pa ng hotel eh hehe. Tsaka saan isusubmit ung mga requirements miss B. Need ba sila mismo magsubmit sa philippine embassy? Thankyou guys. Big help po samin tong blog mo miss b. 😍

        1. Actually pag nagGoogle ka ng Visa Invitation letter, maraming lalabas na samples. hehe!

          Simple lang naman siya. Write a letter addressed to the consular officer. Sabihin mo you’re inviting him to spend time with you and your family in the Philippines. Banggitin mo din kung san sya magsstay (complete address) at kung ano ang sasagutin mo sa pagpunta nya dyan.

  10. Hello Ms. Bianca!
    Happy New Year po😊
    I have a hungarian boyfriend and he his now a serbian citizen, we are deciding to get married in his country this coming March 2019. Can you give me an advise of what should I do 😊 because I am currently living in UAE and I don’t know what to do if I should take the tourist visa or visit visa. If visit visa should I mention/tell the embassy that we are going to be married? And what are the documents needed for the wedding?

    1. Hi Wendy
      There are only 2 types of visa – Short stay (up to 90 days) and Long Stay(6 months to a year)… Serbian Embassies only process Short Stay Visas (you may view instructions here: You need your birth certificate and Cenomar, both should be red ribboned (DFA-authenticated), and legalized by a Serbian Embassy (there is one in Abu Dhabi).

  11. Hi miss Bianca,i’m currently employed here in Hongkong and planning to visit my serbian boyfriend on my annual leave this august 2019,gusto ko pong itanong kung may Serbia embassy/consulate dito at kung anong mga requirements for visit visa application.And how long will it takes to receive result after applying for visa po.Sana po may maibigay kayong tips para sa mabilisang proseso or choices n pwede kong gawin incase madeny application ko.Maraming maraming salamat po ma’am Bianca.

    1. Hi Pearl,
      Sinulat ko kumpletong detalyo dito:
      Walang Serbian embassy sa Hong Kong. Pero maari kang mag-apply thru email sa Serbian Embassy sa Jakarta. Basahin mo na lang yung instructions sa link na binigay ko sa taas.^
      Maari kang mag-apply at least 3 months bago ka umalis papuntang Serbia.
      Pag nadeny, pwede ka naman mag-apply agad uli. Walang limit. Pero para maiwasan madeny, please ifollow maige yung instructions na sinulat ko sa page.


  12. Hi Ms.B and fellow Filipinas,

    Thank goodness I found this blog.

    Had same experience with denied visa. I was working in Kuwait and was planning to visit my boyfriend last month Oct.2018, my end contract, unfortunately was denied eventhough I was complete with all documents and complied with their requirements.

    He instead came to visit and spent 2 weeks in Malaysia and Singapore. Now I am back here in Philippines.

    Planning again to apply for a tourist visa. I hope everything will go as planned this 2nd time around.

    We put 2-3 years timetable before living together as a couple in Zrenjanin.

    Really stressfull ..

    Hope to meet you there Bianca. 🙂

  13. Hi ma’am Bianca.
    I want to ask where my boyfriend he can take that Legal Capacity document in Serbia? Kasi hinanapan kami nyan on his documents yan lang po talaga ang kulang for our marriage here on philippines. We don’t have idea about that Legal Capacity po ma’am kasi kumplito naman po ang mga documents nya kung ano yung request ng consulate here in ph pero pagdating sa province sa municipality namin hinanapan kami nyang Legal Capacity.!please post ma’am we need your kindly response.thanks God bless

    1. Hi Janice,
      Yung Certificate of Legal Capacity kasi is released by a country’s embassy / consulate. So dun siya irerequest.Yun po talaga ang requirement from a foreigner for getting a marriage license.
      Nakuha namin yung sa asawa ko from Jack Rodriguez (Honorary Consul ng Serbia sa Pinas).. Email nyo siya .
      Ang office nya ay sa Makati.

      Or pwede ring magrequest sa Embassy ng Serbia in Jakarta.

  14. Hi Bianca,

    Thanks for the information that you have written here, malaking tulong talaga sya sa akin ang daming process pinagdaanan ko but it’s worth it. Thank you talaga, Now im finally here in Serbia, minsan nga lang i feel homesick ( hehe) but i’m happy kasi i’m with my husband now. i never met any filipina yet here in Novi Sad, mostly nakikita ko puro Chinese I hope one day may ma meet din ako or maybe i can meet you one day too.

  15. Hi Ms. Bianca
    Tanong ko lang.Buntis kasi ako ngayun 5mo. tapos balak namin ng boyfriend ko manganak sa serbia. Nasa Malta ako ngayun ng work may working visa. Allowed lang kasi sa serbia 90days mag stay. Kung mag decide ako mag stay sa serbia for good saan ako kukuha ng visa? Tapos balak kasi namin mag pakasal ano po ang mga requirements?tapos saan ako kukuha?
    P.S Pabalikbalik na ako sa serbia.
    Salamat po

    1. Hi Karen,

      For getting married, kuha ka lang ng Cenomar + birth cert sa Pinas tas pa-red ribbon mo. After that, pa-legalized sa nearest Serbian embassy. Once pagdating sa Serbia, patranslate mo agad to Cyrillic, tas yun, pwede na magpasched ng wedding sa judge / opština kung san nakatira partner mo.. pag nakuha mo na marriage contract, apply ka na ng long stay/temporary residence (6mos to 1 year) ang validity nun.. sa MUP nag-aapply nun. not sure kung san kayo sa Serbia, pero kung Belgrade, yung office for stranac nasa loob ng main police station.. Just present a copy of your passport, application form, photos, marriage contract, proof of financial capacity mo at asawa mo(COE or Bank cert/statement), proof of residence, local health insurance (pwede kamuha ng private, Dunav Osiguranje ang pinakamura. less than 100eur for a year of coverage.. or pa-update ng asawa mo yung gov’t insurance niya para ma-add ka as dependent. walang bayad yun. plus, you need insurance talaga kasi manganganak ka..).. yun lang. iisched kayong dalawa for interview a week after ng application.. tas yun na.. kaya matapos lahat from getting married to applying temp residence within 90 days (short stay visa mo).. basta prep mo na requirements before you go.. 😉


      1. Karen Paulyn Rodriguez

        Hi Ms. Bianca

        Thank you po sa reply ng message ko. Yong CENOMAR dapat po personal ko yan kunin sa pinas or pwd lang relatives ko ipakuha ? so meaning po Ms.Bianca kung hindi kami kasal no chance po e extend nila ang stay ko kahit dun ko ianak yung baby ko? May consul serbia dito sa malta kaso hindi dw nila alam yung situwasyun ko kasi hindi pa dw sila naka encounter. By the way sa Valjevo, Serbia pala naka tira yung partner ko.

        Salamat po ng marami Ms.Bianca

        1. Hello Karen,

          Eto lang po ang inaallow na mag-apply ng Temporary Residence Visa (oh yung extension na sinasabi mo):
          – May business o foundation in Serbia
          – May trabaho sa Serbia
          – Mag-aaral sa Serbia
          – Athlete na magkocompete in Serbia
          – Diplomat
          – Journalist
          – Priest
          – May kamag-anak na Serbian
          – Kasal sa isang Serbian
          – May ka-live in na Serbian (Common Law Marriage.)

          Mukhang pasok ka naman sa common law marriage. Basta may anak kayo sa isa’t isa.. Kailangan lang ng proof na single kayo parehas (so dalhin mo pa rin Cenomar mo na red ribboned ng DFA at legalized ng Serbian Embassy in Jakarta), Cenomar niya na galing sa maticar nila, statement from 2 witnesses na magpapatunay na nagsasama nga kayo, birth certificate ng anak niyong dalawa, and all other requirements na binanggit ko sa previous comment..

          Pwede ka magrequest ng CENOMAR online dito: padeliver mo sa family mo sa Pinas, pa-red ribbon kamo sa DFA at ipa-legalised sa Serbian Embassy in Jakarta.. (kung may malapit na Embassy sayo, pwedeng dun mo na ipa-legalised.. Embassy ha.. hindi Honorary Consulate.)..


      2. Karen Paulyn Rodriguez

        Hi Ms.Bianca,

        Thank you po sa reply nyo.
        Yung CENOMAR po ba personal ko yan kunin sa Pinas o pwd lang e utos ko sa relatives ko? Tapos no chance po ako mag extend sa 90 days kung hindi pa kami makasal kahit dun ko iluwal yung anak namin? May consul serbia dito sa malta pero wala dw sila idea sa aking situwasyun kasi never pa dw sila naka encounter. By the way taga Valjevo yung partner ko.

        Salamat ng marami Ms.Bianca

  16. Hi Miss Bianca,
    Ask ko lang po sana kasi yung boyfriend ko po his coming this October 5 from serbia but we really confuse because we’re planning we get married here in Philippines this October pagdating nya po dito. Ask ko Lang po if his all documents
    from his country is needed to be authenticated from there? At yung cenomar nya po kailangan din po ba na magsend ako sa kanya ng Original birth certificate ko? I really confused lang po kasi if I send to him my original certificate via mail maybe takes time for him to receive it. We have 1month only from now on, kailangan po talaga ma’am na magsend ako sa kanya ng original na b.certificate ko po or it’s ok lang po I send to him by email lang po.. I really need your advice po please lang po.
    Thank you Miss bianca

  17. Hi Ms Bianca !

    Im really glad that i was able to stumble upon your blog

    I was feeling anxious because I didn’t know where to apply for a visa and got absolutely no idea where to start as we dont have a Serbian Embassy here in the country :/

    Also, i was trying to look for an agency in the internet that could help out, unfortunately, I got none.

    My boyfriend and I are planning to spend Christmas this year in Serbia with his family, however he works in NY, so if he will be invited for an interview by the embassy (as what you’ve mentioned) does he really need to be in Serbia?

    Venus ❤️

    1. I don’t think he needs to. Mention that he’s in NY.. his invitation letter needs to be authenticated by the embassy of serbia near him. does he have an address in Serbia? I think they require that he has an address there since he is inviting you.

  18. Hi, this might be stupid to ask but my girlfriend and I have been planning to marrt when we both reach the age of 18-20, i am currently 16 and she is near 15, so we are still teenagers, a lot of stuff has been going through my mind about how can we make our relationship work so we can marry eachother? I even searched the internet if i could i adopt her for the time being because her mother abuses her and her parents are divorced. Is there any solution here if you could tell us? Sincere apologies, our romance is still blooming.

    1. Hi Andrej
      Please don’t rush into things. I understand that you are concerned about her because you care about her a lot. But, if she is being abused there are proper authorities to report this. Is she from Philippines? Dig deeper into the situation before concluding that she really is being abused. If so, report to the Department of Social Welfare and Development or the Philippine National Police.. We have a law against violence towards women and children. Adopting her is not a viable solution.

      You two are still young and have a full life ahead of you. Believe me, when you reach your 20s and 30s, your perspective will be different and your understanding of things will be different, so you’re choices and ideals will probably change as well. Finish school, get a well-paying job, and then fly to where she is to get her. If you really are planning to be with her, might as well save up for it. right? Because relationship is a partnership, tell her to work on it as well, you can both save enough to be able to afford staying together.

      As of now, you’re only focused on passion, on caring for each other, on saying sweet words, etc. When you live together, there are a whole lot of other responsibilities.. so if you are planning to settle down so soon, make sure you are prepared emotionally, physically, mentally, financially, etc. so that you can build a relationship that will last.

      Have you Skyped with her yet or just chatting? Please don’t send any money or material things yet until you really know her. Scams are prevalent on the internet.. so best to be smart about this.


      1. Hi again bianca, we have chatted yes, i am 100% sure she isnt a scammer, we met in april this year and plan on starting a family together, i alrrady warned her if her mother abuses her again and if i hear it ill do smth with the police over the line of her friends, we talked about travelling this year and my friend Melani from switzerland offered to buy me a ticket, should i travel now or save her offer fod 2 years later when we can marry so i can take her into my family? As for the job i couls really work anywhere since i am a waiter. Thanks for the quick reply! Sincere thanks, Andrej.

        1. Hi Andrej
          Where is the girlfriend from? And what kind of abuse is it? You met in person? Were you able to talk to the mom? Have you seen her being abused? Are there witnesses?

          The thing is, If you only knew what traditonal Asian parenting is, you would think we’re all abused. It’s already being laughed at in several memes. you can google it. So dig a little deeper. This is the age when we all resent our parents whenever we are disciplined.

          Anyway, i’m only here to advice. whether you take it or not is your decision. There is more to adult life than you know. If you think you can work anywhere as a waiter and it’s enough to provide to a family, then good luck. This kind of thinking makes me believe that you have more growing up to do.

          I hope you have a good life.

          1. Hi B, Shes from philippines, manila (malabon city i think it was) and no i havent see her get abused and there arent any witnesses, as far as she told me she got kicked and her hail got pulled and her mother thrown some stuff at her which really concerns me, and i havent seen her since we are miles apart, her whole family hates her for unknown reasons and yeah, as for marrying i plan to do it as soon as she is 18 and the thing that bothers me right now is can we even marry if she travels here? I personally get very confused when its about paper stuff, and like paying for stuff i want like i want to fly over to the country and simply grt the ticket and go, but as far as i read abiut that there are tons of papers for traveling as well as marrying, and yeah i need to grow up a lot more to understand life. Sorry for being a bother. Much thanks, Andrej.

          2. There’s a Philippine Honorary Consulate in Belgrade where you can apply for visa to be able to travel to Philippines. that visa allows you to stay in the Philippines for 59, then you have to leave or apply for extension.

            to get married in Serbia, she will need a Certificate of No Marriage + Birth Certificate that are authenticated by the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs and legalised by the Embassy of Serbia in Jakarta. For some municipalities in Serbia, they need those papers translated to Srpski as well.

            She can travel to Serbia, yes. But she will have to prove that she has the capacity to finance her travel, even when you say you’re going to sponsor her. So best that she gets work then she can show her certificate of employment when she applies for Serbian visa as proof of financial capacity. if she doesn’t have work, she needs to show that she has savings equivalent to 50eur/day of stay. A short stay visa allows her to stay 90 days in Serbia, so if she’s not working, she needs to have about 4500eur in bank.

            Just to give you an idea of the costs of getting to Serbia: Visa is about 96eur, Ticket is about 800-900eur. Authentication of papers can get up to 100-200eur. Then you’ll need to renew her visa all the time when she settles in Serbia. It can get expensive. That’s why Filipino-Serbian couples both work hard to save.

            You’re not used to the kind of discipline we get in the Philippines. There, we don’t call being hit as abuse, we call it discipline. Has she experienced kneeling on rock salt for hours while carrying heavy books on hands? Has she been beaten by wood/belt many times? I did. Most of us in the Ph experienced it.

            The thing is at this age, we always think our parents are against us or hate just because we were disciplined. Ask her, when does the “abuse” usually happen. It can’t be nothing. Is helping in chores? Is she following her parents.

            As i said, dig a little deeper. You are not there to witness what’s happening. So, it’s always wise to dig a bit deeper. don’t be afraid to ask more questions, since you two are getting to know each other. so ask a lot of questions.

          3. Yes she has been kneeling in rock salt and as far as i know thats okay but being hit and thrown stuff amd you is abuse isnt it? I also kneeled in popcorn and got hit by belt many times by my father and one time he even hit me in the eye which got my vision worsened, and can she permanently extend the visa so she doesnt need to renew it every 3 months? Example we marry we get the vise and we live together? We have also been planning to move to NY, and i get so frustrated because i dont know how the system works and i just want to build a financially stable family with her somewhere unlike my parents. Thanks again B.

          4. We really can’t say because we’re not in the situation. Some parents do really throw stuff at their children, believe me, it’s not really surprising in the Philippines.
            As I’ve said, if she really thinks she is being abused, she can always report at women’s desk in Police station. If she has freedom enough to be able to use the internet to talk to you then she is free to go and report it to police.. the fact that she’s just making someone pity her and believe her drama is beyond me. If you understand how hormones work in teenagers, you’d understand how people get so overly dramatic and emotional at this age.

            anyway, you must be super rich to be thinking about moving to NY. She can get a temporary residence visa if she gets a job here in Serbia or get married. that visa is renewable once a year. she can apply for permanent residence after 2-3 years, if im not mistaken, and a citizenship after 5-6 years.

            Do you understand how expensive and difficult it is to move to US? Even getting a tourist visa is almost impossible for low income people. And NY? That’s one of the most expensive cities in the US! Why do you think it’s better there than here?

          5. hi B, im aware of the pity thing, i used to do it too so it wouldnt surprise me, and well serbia is a really poor country and she will probably move to US with het current family (her mother is getting remarried and stuff) but i talked over with my parents about the visa thing and she could stay here in serbia but that would make it troublesome for her to find work and my mind has been hazy about it, but i plan to marry her and make her a citizen of serbiabso she can stay here permanently, do you think its a good idea to do that? Thanks for countless replies B, Andrej

          6. Wouldn’t it be more practical to let her go to US? She gets visa and all and should be able to get you. Also, there are so many other options than working in Serbia.. The average salary here is really low. So, I highly suggest that she finish school so she can get a better job. There are so many companies now in Belgrade that doesn’t require anyone to speak fluently in Serbian. I heard there’s a call center being built there.

            Of course, if you think about common work, like in the resto or grocery store, she will need to learn how to speak fluently in Serbian. Because not a lot of people here are confident in speaking in English. Or she can work from home, like most of us Filipinas in Serbia. My husband and I work online and from home, and our salaries are not based on serbian standards.. and because we live in a “poor” country as you mentioned, we feel like we can afford so much more than an average Serbian. Everything is cheap here.

            We can’t say what’s a good idea right now.. what i can advise is to stay in school or keep learning (there are so many free courses/tutorials online)… because there are so many earning opportunities for people who know more (so you’re not stuck at serving people).. And Save.. Save for the future.


          7. Thanks B i will do that, do you mind telling me which online jobs are easy to learn? I did search some for english-serbain translation but not really much luck, is there stuff i need to learn in school or can anything be learned online so i can work like that? Finding a job online for me would be really nice since i dont really like interacting with peeople directly and stuff. Thanks B, Andrej.

          8. Hmm.. learn fullstack development. It’s on demand now. You can also learn about blockchain tech. Get skills in web development, graphic design, app design, anything IT related. They are the in-demand and high-paying types of work. OR you could just play so much WoW and get paid playing that game. haha!
            I develop websites and hubs plays games. Get your skills up and i might just hire you here:

          9. Hi B, ill sticl to the fullstack development and blockhain stuff for now, if it doesnt work out ill tey the WoW stuff, and also does it have to be specifically WoW or can it be any game?

          10. check game boosting websites and see what games they boost. then apply as a booster.

            check and search all fullstack developer/engineer jobs so you get an idea how much they are paid and how many companies are searching for them. don’t forget to set the location to ‘remote’ so you can see which jobs allows you to work ‘remotely’ (away from the office)

    2. Andrej, jos si dete, batali to. Veruj mi da nemas pojma o cemu pricas i u sta se upustas. Kad budes imak 25god razmisljaces totalno drugacije, a zatim kad budes imao 30 opet drugacije… Kajaces se al ce biti kasno. Jos si dete… U brak se ne ulazi pre 27-28… Pricaj malo sa starijima oo sebe, niko ti nece reci da je pametno da se zenis sa 18god

  19. hello ms Bianca,

    my husband also serbian and i just got my visa from indonesia. My husband only get me a 1way ticket to serbia since im going to live with him in there. nagworry lang ako maybe the immigration officer in manila will ask for a return ticket since tourist lang nman yong visa ko. based on your experience, did you get a return ticket reservation and showed it to immigration? nag worry lng talaga ako baka hindi ako payagan mkaalis as it is also my first time to travel abroad they might have more questions.

    1. Hello Lee Anne,
      Sorry just now. We flew from Manila to Serbia kasi last week (26th).. ngayon lang natapos mag-unpack. Both times I travelled to Serbia (2016 and this year 2018), I only had one-way ticket. No problems naman. But I heard from other Filipinas, na-offload daw sila dahil walang return ticket. You can get a ticket reservation naman para lang safe, since may mga circumstances nga na di pinapayagan umalis pag no return ticket. No need to buy, reserve lang. And don’t show sa immigration counter kung di naman hinihingi.. When is your flight? Hope to see you here soon. Kararating lang din namin. 😉


      1. Hey bianca, sorry for the late reply, i’ve been busy with work around bees these days and helping my father, do you think its a good idea for her to come live in serbia and attend a serbian college for bachelor’s or master’s degree? And if you think its a good idea how much would it cost for college?

        1. uh how do i know? you’re the one who has lived in your country for so long. also, you know that the language of instruction and the books are in Serbian.. Can she speak and understand Serbian?

          Is this person asking you to come get her?

          1. oh well, i was just asking because i cant get an insight no matter what i google, and im not really good at finding information on the internet. She doesnt understand serbian and on the faculty/college here she should be able to get on in english and stuff. We are still deciding where she will attend the college.

          2. uh, hello! you’re here in Serbia.. you can actually visit colleges to ask for info.

            Why the heck are you planning her life for her when you should plan for your life first?

            You need a lot of learning to do yourself. Jeez, you’re 16 and need a lot of growing up to do..

  20. We had the same plan before when we are still together in UAE but then i got pregnant so i exit as fast as i can because its illegal to stay there and im scared to be in jail just because we are not married. We are trying to get married here before i will have delivery on october 🙂

    Its a very long process here and lots of authentications… ehehe

    1. well, you get your cenomar and birth cert and have them authenticated. Tas apply for visa.. (you can actually just do both at the same time para tipid sa sending of documents, paying bank fees, etc.) He only needs to send you invitation letter, you fulfill requirements, etc. yung authentication naman is from dfa lang + yung embassy. yung sa embassy, as i said, isabay mo sa pagkuha ng visa.. di naman complicated.. 🙂


  21. Thanks Ms.Bianca!

    I will let you know incase i will have more information about it.

    I hope other Filipinas can share if they had done a different process to have the legal capacity to marry 🙂 🙂

  22. Ms. Bianca,
    I understand very well the process you are telling me. But this is the reply of Mr.Jack by email “I have explained to you several times that we only authenticate the documents you bring to us. You bring those documents and I will authenticate them. I do not issue any documents from my office. If your husband is Serbian then those documents must come from Serbia. I will only authenticate them.” He said it includes the legal capacity to marry.

    Thats why im confused 🙁

    1. Nope he doesn’t need to authenticate anything. Because all authentication happens before the papers arrive here. A Filipina just got married January this year and they got their Certificate of Legal Capacity from him.. Ours too was from him. But yes, the requirements are Authenticated Certificate of No Marriage/Singleness and Birth Cert.

      Maybe he stopped issuing certificates. Email the Embassy of Serbia in Jakarta and ask if they can issue a certificate of Legal Capacity to marry for your boyfriend and what are the requirements.


  23. Ms. Bianca,
    Im really confused. I had spoke to mr.jack. he is saying that my fiance needs to bring certificate of singleness,birth certificate,divorce papers and police clearance that is certified in serbia. Do you know where we can certify this in serbia?
    Im also confused where to take the legal capacity to marry because as i have understood it should be issued in Manila. However mr jack said it should also come from serbia.
    Theres a fee of 100USD for authentication per document in Manila. Which document should the authenticate?

    Please do enlighten me with the process. The mom of my fiance in serbia is confused where to bring the documents.

    1. Hi Ysa,
      The Certificate of Legal Capacity to Marry is released by Jack, Honorary Consul of Serbia. But for him to issue that, your husband will need to submit to him his “certificate of singleness,birth certificate,divorce papers and police clearance” (that’s why he said bring to him those documents). I think i explained it to you in my comment last June 28. I said in the comment: “Documents needed for getting married is Certificate of Legal Capacity. He can get it from the Honorary Consul of Serbia here in the Philippines, kay Jack Rodriguez. Ang requirements to get that is Certificate of No Impediment or No Marriage from his country at Birth Certificate na Authenticated”.. parehas lang nung sinabi ni Jack. Syempre yung birth cert niya, yung cert of singleness (parang cenomar natin), at police clearance manggagaling ng serbia. Your bf can have them authenticated at the ministry of foreign affairs office (parang red ribbon satin). 🙂

      Ganito.. for our papers to be legit at magamit natin abroad, diba kailangan natin pared ribbon sa DFA.. same thing with them, kailangan nilang pa-authenticate sa MFA nila para magamit yung papers nila abroad.. Hindi mo pwedeng pa-authenticate sa manila yung papers na galing serbia..

  24. Hi po..
    Ms.Bianca, how many days did it take for you to process the legal capacity to marry in manila? His planning to have connecting flights kasi

    With his papers,all should be translated in english? Does it need to have certain type of authentication?

    1. Hi Ysa,
      Have you emailed Jack Rodriguez, the Honorary Consul of Serbia in the Philippines? I think I gave you his email address in the previous comment. He really is a nice guy and would reply quickly to whatever question you want to give him. When we got my husband’s, we only did it in one day (that’s 2015 pa). But when I helped another Filipina who got married this year, they said it took them a week. Jack said because there were Serbians who faked their documents in the past so now he needs to be strict about checking the documents with Serbia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. What you can do is set a meeting with Jack at least a week before your bf’s arrival, kasi you can’t go to his office without an appointment. You can request for the document to be mailed to you na lang. Ask him about prices. Oh, he prefers to be paid in US dollars, so go there with dollars in your wallet. 😉

  25. Hi ma’am, ask ko lang po sana if ano po king document papers need dalhin ng bf ko here in Philippines po because we’re planning to get married here when he came this coming nov,but still we didn’t know if what kind of document papers we need here in philippines.. I want to ask also if that invitation letter I need to sent to him it’s from me ba personally or from consulate here in philippines..? Please lang po ma’am thanks

    1. Hello Janice,

      Documents needed for getting married is Certificate of Legal Capacity. He can get it from the Honorary Consul of Serbia here in the Philippines, kay Jack Rodriguez. Ang requirements to get that is Certificate of No Impediment or No Marriage from his country at Birth Certificate na Authenticated ng Honorary Consul naman ng Philippines sa Serbia na si Dragijana Radonjić Petrović. Ang office niya ay sa Bulevar Mijaila Pupina 10z/116 Belgrade. He can go there to apply for Philippine Visa and have his documents authenticated na rin.

      Yung invitation letter, syempre ikaw gagawa. Ikaw ang nag-iinvite e. Address it to Ms. Dragijana Radonjić Petrović, Honorary Consul of the Philippines. Sabihin mo lang na you would like to invite -name- to visit the Philippines blah blah blah. And you’re hoping that she’d grant him visa. Maraming examples online ng invitation letter.


  26. Hi ma’am Bianca! Ask ko lang po sana if ano po documents need na kailangan dalhin ng boyfriend ko from serbia here in Philippines? kasi we’re planning to get married here Philippines this coming nov.. but still we didn’t know yet if what’s the exact we need. and ma’am ask ko lang din po yung invitation letter na iisent ko sa kanya it’s from me ba personally or from consulate here in Philippines po? Please I really need your advice thanks God bless

  27. Hi…
    I would like to know ano po yung documents na kailangan nyang dalhin from serbia to get married here? Makukuha dn ba yung legal capacity to marry in manila? Im not from manila kasi so maggastos pag pabalik2 kme and how much are the fees are sa consulate nila dito?

    Hoping for your reply po.

    1. Hi
      He will be asked for a certificate of no impediment (certificate of no marriage) + birth certificate by the Honorary Consul of Serbia here in Manila before he can release a Certificate of Legal Capacity. You may email Jack Rodriguez (Honorary Consul of Serbia in the Philippines) here: and request for an appointment. You may also ask him for updated fees and other details so you don’t have to go back and forth manila. 😉 His office is in Makati.

  28. Hi Bianca,

    My name is Maxene, I am also married to Serbian. Does it need for us to take the CFO seminar before going to serbia? My visa is on the way and i will be leaving this coming 1st week of july, my concern is maybe the Immigration officer will ask for that CFO certificate since I’married to foreigner even though my visa is just tourist and im still bearing my maiden name in passport as i didn’t change it yet. Based on your experience, do you think i can’t have problem regarding this one if i dont have a CFO certificate ? Hoping to hear from you. Thank you 😊

    1. Hi Maxene,
      I did attend the CFO before because I kept reading blogs that says it’s required for Filipinas who are married to a foreigner. I got the certificate but they didn’t give me the CFO sticker on my passport because my visa was only for tourist. It wasn’t even questioned at the immigration. So, short answer: not really required. For those who are migrating lang siya. 🙂

  29. Hi Bianca,
    My visa application has been approved by the embassy of Serbia in Jakarta and my passport is on the way to Jakarta. However, I just got their out of office email saying that they are closed until 20th June 2018 due to public holidays.
    Based on your experience, how long did it take for you to get your passport back? I mean does it take long for the embassy to put the visa on the passport or they can do it within a day and courier the passport back to the applicant?

    Thank You,

    1. Hi Phyllis,
      Passport would usually arrive to the Embassy the next day. If it arrives during office hours, they usually put the sticker on the day it arrives and sends it back the next day. Then it will arrive to you a day after they send it. Say for example, you send your passport Monday, it will arrive Tuesday. Then they process it by Wednesday, send it via DHL Thursday. You’ll probably receive by Friday.

      I received the email, too since I’m reapplying for visa. My serbian residence visa expired while we are on vacation here in the Philippines. If you sent it today, your passport may arrive between 22-24th June.


      1. Hi Bianca,

        Thank you so much for your quick response. You have made me feel much better now! 🙂
        I’m scheduled to fly off on 9th July 2018 and the minute I received the auto reply, my heart skipped a beat. I thought I will not get my passport back in time.
        But now I am relieved after reading your reply. Thank you so much and happy holiday! 🙂

        Best Regards,

  30. Hi Bianca, how are u? Just want to ask u about visa to Serbia, me and my bf we’re planning to have our wedding in Serbia. I have my UK visa, Europe visa and US visa, so do I need to get a visa for Serbia? I’m currently working in Qatar and my bf he was here last month but now he’s in Germany. I read about some of the requirements but I’m confused. My US visa will expire next year 2019 so am I allowed to enter Serbia with my US visa or Schengen visa? Or do I need to apply for a Serbia visa here in Qatar? Thanks

    1. Hi Maria
      If you have either Schengen or US visa, there’s no need for you to apply for a Serbian Visa. Note that you need to have your Birth Cert and CENOMAR red-ribboned by the DFA and authenticated by the Embassy of Serbia in Qatar. Have them authenticated before coming to Serbia. They are requirements for getting married there.

  31. Hello Ms. Bianca,
    I’m now married to my serbian husband here in Philippines and got already our marriage certificate and will soon apply a visa to be together again with my husband there on serbia. Tanong ko lang, ibabalik ba nila sa akin ang ipapadala ko sa kanila na marriage certificate (DFA RED RIBBONED) or baka need ko mag send ng 2 copies of that? Baka kasi e keep nila yon as their copy kasi nag apply ako ng visa. Im just curious on what’s the first step to do. I hope you can give me some advice on this… Thank you very much..


    1. Hi Emily
      Oo naman ibabalik nila. That’s why you pay a DHL fee+authentication fee so they can send the document back to you.. Have you applied for visa yet? Pwede mo siya isabay sa application para isang padala lang and isang dhl fee lang ang ibayad mo. 🙂

      1. Ah ok. D pa ako nka email for visa application. So you mean ms. Bianca aside from visa fee, there’s authentication fee as well? Kasi i thought covered na yong pag pa authenticate do’n sa visa fee, cnsya na curious lng talaga ako eh… Well d pa naman ako nka pag start. I wanna make sure first im doing the right thing ayoko ma reject yong visa application ko that’s why im doing more research…thank you very much and hoping one day i will get a chance to meet you in God’s well 😊

        1. Emily,
          Of course they are different.. 🙂 You apply for visa, they give you visa. That doesn’t include authenticaton. Authentication is a different service. Hence, a separate fee. You are married. They don’t reject the visa application of the wife of a Serbian. 😉 Also you email your visa application. Hindi mo ipapadala by mail. I’ve written a detailed instruction on how to get a visa here: Less requirements if you are a wife. 🙂 Pag approved na ang visa, they’ll request that you send your passport visa DHL so they can put the sticker. If you want your marriage contract authenticated as well, pwede mo rin i-DHL along with your passport para isang padala lang, tipid sa bayad sa courier. and isang beses ka lang magbayad ng DHL fee so they can send back to you your passport and the authenticated documents ng sabay. We’re in the Philippines. If you’re in Metro Manila lang. You may visit us at home. 😉

  32. Hi bianca, im Maan and im planning to get married to a serbian.. and im living in the philippines and my boyfriend is working in a cruiseship.. and right now im unemployed.. do i need to go jakarta just to get visa? because my boyfriend is coming here in the philippines this coming June 9 to meet my family.. do i need my cenomar and birth certificate authenticated by dfA?

    1. Hi Maan,
      No need to go to Jakarta. The wedding requirements depends on where you are getting married. If you’re doing it here, you just need a Cenomar and Birth Cert and your BF needs a Certificate of Legal Capacity that he can get from the Honorary Consulate of Serbia here in the PH.. If you are planning to get married to Serbia, you need to have your Cenomar and BC red-ribboned by DFA and legalized/authenticated by the Embassy of Serbia in Jakarta. Best if you can have your docs authenticated at the Embassy when you apply for visa para isang bayad at padala lang ng docs at passport. tipid. You may read a more detailed instruction on how to get a visa plus how to get the requirements at

      1. hi miss bianca,

        thanks po sa reply. im just curious i did apply for visit visa in serbia last June19 since ramadan close sila until June 21. but up to now no info yet or email from how was the status of my application.. its more than 15days. minsan po ba nangyayari na matagal sila magresponse about the visa status?

          1. hi miss bianca, we tried to email them twice. ako at si bf, separate email but no reply up to now.. maeexpired na kasi yung travel insurance ko kaya medyo concern kami ni bf

  33. Hi bianca, im Maan and im planning to get married to a serbian.. and im living in the philippines and my boyfriend is working in a cruiseship.. and right now im unemployed.. do i need to go jakarta just to get visa? because my boyfriend is coming here in the philippines this coming June 9 to meet my family..

  34. Hi bianca..! Im charlene..i have a serbian boyfriend.and he is currently in sweden.hes working there as black for now.every 3months he goes back to serbia.and im in singapore working..we wanted to get married soon.but we dont know what to do..he wanted to bring me to serbia and live there as well.can you help us,,i mean can you tell us whats the best way to do begging for your help bianca..

    1. Charlene,
      He can either go to you and get married in Singapore.. or you go to Serbia and get married there. Serbians don’t need visa to go to Singapore.. But you need visa to go to Serbia. Less requirements to get a visa if you are married to a Serbian.

  35. Hello Bianca!
    Hope all is good..
    I recently just got married with my Serbian husband in Belgrade, but i am still working here in Abu dhabi, planning to move in Serbia and live a simple life there soon hopefully in few months.. maybe you can help or guide me on what to do after this . I have got my english marriage certificate from the civil wedding with me.


    1. Hi Lexa,
      Should be easier to get a Serbian visa na because you’re married. If the first visa you got when you got married is not multiple entry, you’ll have to apply for the short stay visa (90days) again at least a month before you come back to serbia.. If you plan to live in Serbia, you may convert your short stay visa to long stay (6mos to 1 year). 🙂

      Sorry, it took a while to reply. I was on vacation kasi. 🙂


  36. hi,
    i m from pakistan and i want to visit serbia for 5 days my girlfriend is also comming there and i got to know i have to send my doc to serbia embassy beijing.Can you pls give me some idea what all doceument I have to send,please let me kn

  37. Hi Miss Bianca!
    My chinese company in Beijing wants me to go to serbia for a quick site visit. I planned to process tourist visa for it not to be complicated. Do you have any idea if they have a Consulate office in Beijing as well? And i realy confused what to include in “proof of payment issued by travel agency” requirement. Does it mean that i need to coordinate with a travel agency in beijing and maybe book my flight tix with them to serbia so they can give me an official receipt?

    Your reply would mean a lot to me. Thank you and God bless!

    1. Hi Kris,
      There is a Serbian Embassy in Beijing. Address: San Li Tun, Dong 6 Jie 1 100600 BEIJING. You don’t have to buy your plane tickets from a travel agency.. Having a tour booked just ensures that you’re there for “tourism purposes”.. Here are the complete details: . You may buy your tickets at whichever airline you want. Just make sure you also have a hotel booked on the dates that you are going to visit. You can probably book 1 or 2 sightseeing tours here: just to show that you have an itinerary planned.

      Though it would be best if you’ll be invited by your Beijing company if they already have a business registered in Serbia.. Writing an invitation is quick.. 🙂

      1. Hi, Miss!
        Thank u for the prompt reply. What about i prepare a detailed itinerary and include there the places that i wana go, the possible routes, the entrace fees and must do’s on the site etc.Would this be fine to substitute the booking in klook? Plus i add my hotel booking along with it.
        Im sorry im still bothered by the “””proof of payment for the trip issued by a travel agency (voucher or other type of payment receipt””” requirement. Could u suggest for a specific thing regarding this? Why does it has to be in form of payment receipt?

        Also, since they wana check my bank account to see if i can afford the serbia trip, BDO or other local filipino bank wont work if i process my visa in Beijing right? It means i had to open an accnt in beijing to have a valid bank statement thats could be accepted in China?

        Hoping for another informative reply. Thank u miss!

        1. 1. If you are in Beijing, it’s best to visit the Embassy and inquire. I actually believe a hotel booking and a roundtrip flight reservation would do. But please confirm with the Embassy.
          2. Wherever you are, any bank is accepted. No need to open banks wherever you are staying. If you have a bank in Timbuktu, that’s still your money and you can present it. Remember, you are applying to a Serbian Embassy that is only in Beijing not some Beijing company/gov’t office, so why would it matter if your bank is in the Philippines. I applied for my visa in the Serbian Embassy in Jakarta and submitted my BDO bank certificate.

          1. Hi miss! Noted for the Bank account 🙂 But just in case i will apply the Serbian Tourist visa while I am here in Philippines, this means that the nearest Consulate in Jakarta and I can mail my passport and other documents there to be processed. Question is, does these itinerary, hotel bookings, bank statement , health insurance,etc needs to be “red-ribbon” as well even though im only applying for a tourist visa?

            Hoping for another response from you 🙂

  38. Rhey Ann Alfonso

    Hi Ms Bianca,

    I want to asked Authentication of CENOMAR in jakarta. Im currently living here in Serbia and My parents from Manila wanted to send my Certificate of non marriage to Jakarta Indonesia to be Authenticated, then after to send it back to me here in Serbia.
    I would like to know if whats the requirements?shall i send also birth Certificate or just my CENOMAR with a red ribbon?
    And can they send it afterwards here in Serbia not in Phillipines ?
    Would be glad to hear from you.

    Thank you.

    1. Hello Rhey Ann,
      Email the Serbian Embassy in Jakarta first so you can inform them about your intention to have a document authenticated. Request also an invoice for payment of authentication and DHL fee (that is for sending back the document to you). Once you have received the invoice, pay for it and scan the receipt/proof of payment. Then your parents can send the red-ribboned CENOMAR to the serbian embassy in Jakarta via DHL. Tell them to scan the receipt/proof that it was sent. Then email the serbian embassy again and inform them that you have already sent the document for authentication and have paid for it. Attach the proof of payment and transaction receipt. Inform them to send it to your address in Serbia after authentication. So they don’t have to send it back to your parents then your parents have to send it to you.. Doble trabaho. Doble bayad sa courier. The Serbian Embassy can send it straight to your address in Serbia.

      Message me on FB ( if you have any questions. 🙂

  39. Very nice story ms.bianca, thank you very much for sharing. Hope you could give me advise or guide. I have also 2yrs bf from serbia, he work as seaman, we never yet meet in realitt, what is possible way that i could come to serbia, he has also short time because of his job.

  40. HI bianca? I also have a fiance on serbia I would like to ask if should i send my visa application together with birth certificate and cenomar authenticated/red ribbon to jakarta?

    1. Hello Triz, they didn’t mention how much you need to have. If you have work, a certificate of employment showing your monthly salary would do. But the basic rule whenever you apply for visa to any country is to have an equivalent to the average daily wage in their country in your bank (if you don’t have work). So, for example, if the average daily wage in Serbia is 10eur and you’re staying for 2 weeks, you should have at least 140eur in the bank… (i don’t know the average daily wage in Serbia, the 10eur I put here is just for sample purposes.)

  41. Hi Bianca,
    I’m one of the new visa applicant, I already sent my application to Jakarta, My bf from Serbia is contacting Jakarta embassy, but the reply he get was “the number is not existing”
    If only the embassy let us know if they received the application, we would not worry.

    Thank you

  42. hi.. I’m planning to visit my fiancé family in Serbia. Magkasama kme ngayon in Dubai. Just wanna ask how much should we have in bank account para mapakita to have sufficient fund and what are the documents needed for wedding in Serbia?

    1. Hello. Sorry, been busy the past months so I’m just replying now. Usually, as long as you have regular work, you can just show your cert of employment to show that you have regular income. For bank, you should have an equivalent of the average salary in serbia per day multiplied by the number of days you’re going to stay.. Were you able to apply for visa? For wedding, you need a CENOMAR, red-ribboned by DFA and authenticated by the serbian embassy where you are located. – B

  43. Hello! How do you apply the Visa in the Serbian embassy in Jakarta? Only through online? email? And how you get the papers authenticated in serbian embassy in Jarkta? You personally went there with your papers?

    1. Hello. Sorry, been really busy the past months so wasn’t able to reply quick. Yes, you may send your application thru email. You may send your papers for authentication via DHL. Email them before you do that, so they know. Were you able to do this? – B

  44. Hello bianca,

    I also have a serbian fiance, he is already here in the Philippines now and we are processing our documents to get married. My problem is where could we get a CERTIFICATE OF LEGAL CAPACITY TO CONTRACT MARRIAGE , that’s the only lacking document . Im really so confused now on what to do and where to get it. My fiance emailed his consulate about getting that certificate but replied that he should get it in serbia. Please i just need a piece of advice on what to do, i hope you can help me. Thank you so much

  45. Hi Bianca! I also have a Serbian boyfriend, we met at the cruise ship. Now we finished the contracts and we decided to visit each others countries.
    Hes planning to visit Philippines first and he says i need to provide him a guarantee letter. Maybe I can ask you what was the process your husband went thru to get a Philippines visa?

    And another one, I’m planning to visit Serbia as well. Do you have any tips or suggestions you can give?

    Thank you, Bianca.

    1. Hi Joyce,
      My reply is a bit late but I hope you get to read this. You need to provide him an affidavit of support. I found some samples online and copied it, then had it notarized before sending to him (thru email).. It’s not really complicated. Honestly, I find it easier for them to come to our country than us coming to theirs. haha!
      To get a visa to Serbia, you will, as well, need a letter of invitation ( him, that should be notarized, too. Make sure you have the complete requirements (travel insurance, flight reservations (roundtrip), proof of financial means (bank statement and/or certificate of employment).. You can apply to a serbian embassy near you if you are outside the Philippines. If you are in the Philippines, you may email your application to the Serbian Embassy in Jakarta ( Good Luck and hope to meet you when you get here.. 😉

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