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Baguio City

This is the second trip out of twelve trips I made when I was trying to find myself in 2014.

This was when I learned to impose travel rules upon my very impulsive self. My first travel rule: “Never EVER do it to woo someone (especially if you know deep in your heart, that the guy doesn’t have any, even the slightest, interest in you… well, also if you’re a girl. haha!)”

I have been to Baguio so many times with my family, so I was kind of hesitant about including this city in my travel plans. But, there is this guy that I have been crushing on for two years and he moved from Manila to Baguio, so I wanted to visit him to, uhmm, get his attention. [This was back in 2014, by the way. I am happily married now.] Embarrassing I know, haha! Also, I wanted to watch the Panagbenga Festival parades, which I really haven’t seen during my family’s numerous trips to Baguio. (See, it wasn’t only about the guy. haha!)

And, it was actually my first solo out-of-town travel. yay!

Going there

I decided to go to Victory Liner on a Friday night. Since it is Festival season, as I’m sure you have guessed, all trips to Baguio were fully-booked. I know it was stupid of me to not make a reservation. And, there was no way I could get a trip by chance because the bus terminal was full of people. And I don’t want to wait until morning for the next available trip. You see, I was trying to catch the parade, one of the reasons I went there, which was early morning the next day.

Good thing, though, I researched earlier and found another way. I took the almost empty bus to Dagupan, which left at around 10:00 pm. I slept for the duration of the trip. (Seriously, night trips are the best for me.) The bus arrived in Dagupan at around 2:00 am. I waited at the terminal for about an hour on a freezing cold morning. (See all the things I would be willing to go through for someone I really like? Good thing he didn’t reciprocate or I wouldn’t be married to my man now.)

I boarded an ordinary (non-aircon) bus to Baguio (who needs aircon if it’s freezing outside, right?), which arrived at around 5:30 am, just enough time to secure a nice space with a good view of the parade.

Listen to the Universe

It’s a habit for me to get a hold of cash only a few minutes before an activity or travel, just so I won’t spend it on anything unnecessary. So, before going to Victory Liner Cubao, I went to the nearest ATM machine to withdraw enough cash for travel. I don’t know what has gotten into me, but I keyed in my pin code wrong… three freakin’ times. Naturally, my ATM card was blocked.

I was actually beginning to think that it was the universe telling me that the trip wasn’t really worth it and thought about cancelling. But, my heart, ahemm, was persistent (Jeez, I wanted to see the guy!). I just had enough cash to travel to Baguio, but not enough to book a room, buy food, nor even travel back home. But, I figured I only have to wait 24 hours to try out my card again. So, I went ahead.

with my aunt and her friends
With my aunt next to me and her friends.

When I arrived I was starving, but I was prepared to wait until night time, not doing anything nor going anywhere, for my card to work. I only had a few coins in my pocket to buy coffee to help me battle the freezing cold Baguio morning. Of course, I let the guy know I was there, but I didn’t have the guts to let him know I was running out of cash. (He’s a good friend of mine. So, I’m sure (or I hoped) he would have extended help if I asked. But, I’ve got a huge pride. haha!) Good thing, though, while browsing Facebook, I found out that my aunt and her friends would be passing by Baguio before going to Sagada. So, I texted her about my plight and agreed to meet me when they get to Baguio.

Am I lucky or what?

After the dance parade, which ended around 9:00am, I tried out my card again, hoping against all hopes that it would work, and thank heavens, it did! I informed my aunt that I already am out of my plight but I still would wait for them so that I can have people to share the room (and fee) with. Smart, huh?

While waiting, I went around the city and visited a spot I have never been to, which is the BenCab museum. And since I was trying to keep my spending to a minimum, I did what the locals do, walk or ride a jeep (instead of taking a cab). It was way cheaper, plus I get to know the people, the city, and the culture better. I got lost a few times, but I really enjoyed figuring things out on my own.

I came back to Session Road. to meet my aunt and her friends and accompanied them in searching for a place to stay, going around town, and also to dinner, which they treated me to, by the way. (Thanks, tita Juliet and friends!) I did leave earlier than them the next morning because I knew how hard it was to find a good spot to watch the float parade.

a Date?

Okay, I tried texting the guy during the night to ask him out, which was the main reason why I was in Baguio anyway, but there was no reply. Ain’t that a pretty good indication that the guy wasn’t interested in me?

Since I already lost all the hope to see him, I decided to just watch the float parade, roam around a bit, try out all the restaurants I haven’t tried yet, then go home. After watching the float parade, I settled in a nice restaurant (50s Diner) and placed an order. I was starving and I wanted to pig out. While waiting, guess what I received?! A text from the guy inviting me out. Without even thinking, even if I felt like I was already frothing in the mouth due to hunger, I cancelled my order (which I apologized for profusely) and all the plans in my head, then proceeded to run a good 30-minutes from where I was to meet him.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t already waiting there. He was watching a movie and I had to wait for him outside the theater for him to finish it. I know, I should have eaten my breakfast before running to him trouve ici. Go ahead, laugh at me for being, uhmm, I don’t know what’s the right word.. desperate, maybe? But, we did go out. He treated me to lunch and dinner. (less expense for me. yay!) I accompanied him during his first boat ride. We chatted a bit. We went to a Catholic mass, where I was hoping to hold his hand during that part (you know which part!) of the mass, but he didn’t reach out for my hand (tablado lang. haha!). After that, he hugged me and said goodbye.

That was about 7:00 pm and I had to wait for 5 hours for the next available bus ride back to Manila. I even saw his older sister at the station, but since I know she doesn’t know me, I didn’t say hi. I arrived at around 6:30 am to my place the next day, dropped my bag, had a quick shower, then proceeded to go to work at 7:00 am. Oh yeah!

It wasn’t the happiest moment of my life. I really should have paid much attention to what the universe was telling me. haha!

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